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Discovery Camp
a fresh approach to bible study


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I would like to introduce you to a camp which has been an asset to the Christian community for over twenty years and can add to the resources of your local church. Discovery Camp is an opportunity for adults to spend time together discovering God's word. This camp was last run for six days from Monday 27th, December 1999 to Saturday 1st, January 2000 at Telford on Port Hacking, Sydney. We read the book of 1 John.
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Port Hacking

Discover the Bible

making a mural of the book

As the Bible is central to understanding our faith it is important for Christians to be able to read it with confidence and in a manner which is true to the ideas which the original author was trying to convey. At Discovery Camp we read a book of the Bible using the 'Manuscript Discovery' method. This involves using a book of the Bible in manuscript form without chapters, paragraphs or verses and working together in a mixture of large and small groups discover the author's message. The MD method is very much a group activity where we have equal access to God's word and we are working together and sharing our discoveries. One of the aims of MD is to go away better equipped to discover God's word and therefore have a closer, deeper relationship with God.

bible study can be tough!

17 to 30+ age group

Time to relax

There are a lot of children's and youth educational and recreational opportunities but not many for the over 18s. This is where our camp offers unique opportunities, as we provide an atmosphere where adult Christians can have a relaxing holiday, interact with other Christians and learn or improve skills in Bible study. Most people who come to Discovery Camp are in their 20s or 30s, anyone over 17 is welcome. Our camp will compliment training in the areas of Youth Fellowship Leadership, Bible Study Leadership, Theological Studies and Home Groups as well as personal Bible study.

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Further Information

The camp has been running for about twenty years and during that time has undergone changes and improvements within the team which runs it, the program and our presentation of the Manuscript Discovery method of Bible study. We have studied many books from the Old and New Testaments including the four gospels, Ecclesiasties, Hosea, Daniel, Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians. If you would like further information, please contact us. Members of the team are available to speak to churches, Bible study groups, young adults groups, youth leaders and anyone else who is interested.



Catherine Stephenson (Director)

251 Loftus Avenue, Loftus 2232

Telephone: (02) 9542 5376

Email: CraigandCath@bigpond.com.au

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