Discovery Camp Application Form

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Please print & fill out this form and send it with a cheque to:

Discovery Camp
251 Loftus Avenue,
Loftus. 2232

Payment (Full amount of camp fees to be paid on application.)
Enclose a cheque/Money order for: $XXX.00, made payable to: A.Y.M.T.C. Discovery Camp.

A $40 fee will be charged to cover administration costs in the event of cancellation after 1/12/99.







Church attended:

Where did you hear about Discovery Camp? Friend / Church / Brochure / Other

Is this your first Discovery Camp? yes / no

Will you be coming with people you know? yes / no

What do you hope to achieve at camp?


Discovery Camp Health Form

Emergency contact:


Describe in detail any allergies (drug, environment or food) and medication taken for each.


Are you on any medication?

If you are restricted from any camp activity, please note the restriction and specify the condition involved.


Is there anyone who is legally restricted from seeing you? yes / no.


Conditions of enrolment

While at Camp, our staff reserve the right to ask a person to leave the camp who is, in our opinion, jeopardising the safety or rights of others, or who appears to have rejected the reasonable controls of the Camp.

1. While every precaution shall be taken to ensure the good welfare and protection of the applicant camper, the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney, Anglican Youth Ministries Training College, Anglican Youth Department Diocese of Sydney, its Council members, staff members, employees, or any person acting on their behalf are hereby released from any liability in the event of an accident or misfortune that may occur to the applicant campers or damage or loss to their property.

2. In the case of medical emergency, I hereby give permission to the doctor chosen by the Camp Director to secure proper treatment for, and / or order hospitalization, injection, anaesthetic, or surgery for myself.

Signature certifying acceptance of all conditions hereon: