Epping Baptist Church CEF(Christian Education Fellowship)

Is Jonah just a fishy tale?
Is it just for Sunday School?

A series using the Manuscript Discovery method to explore the book of Jonah will run for 9 weeks.

Where: Epping Baptist Church, Corner Ray and Carlingford Road, Epping NSW Australia

When: 8:45am to 9:45am Sunday 6th February, 2000 for 9 weeks

Contact: Bruce Madden bruce.madden@clubmac.org.au

Jonah is featured in childrens books and everybody knows he was swallowed by a whale, it even features in Cole Porter's song 'It Aint Necessarily So'. Should adults read it? Should we take it seriously? What did Jesus mean when he referred to 'the sign of Jonah'?
In this series we will explore the book, ask our own questions, look for context, make speculations and hopefully come up with a few answers.
So come along, drop your kids at Sunday School (run at the same time) enjoy a morning coffee and discuss this ancient document with fellow Christians.

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